Our Background

Who we are & What we do?

We strongly believe in the idea of "Open Source" and following the inherent idea it represents we strive to provide everyone a totally Free and Forever Free Platform to use to their full benefit.

We know that you may have doubt about how something like this is even possible or practically feasible but don't stress we got you covered.

Our Team Members

Vinay Mittal


I believe that every solvable problem in this world can be solved faster with a few lines of code.

Our Journey

  • Initial Beta Release July 2021
    We did a Beta release with 5 basic features and released Utility Arena for the world to use.
  • The Final Frontier June 2021
    We registered ourselves with the Internet and then began a never ending Journey that spans across countless hours sunrises and sunsets!
  • Eureka!! May 2021
    Entire world was struggling with the COVID-19 Pandemic, It was at this moment that we got this Idea!

Data Privacy

Your data will not be saved on our servers for more than an hour, as per our policy every file that you upload is deleted as soon as your session ends.

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Pro Features

We provide you features which are not open to basic / free users on other portals like Small PDF for example.


No Price Whatsoever

All the features provided here are currently and will remain Free. This doesn't come at the cost of your Data.

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