You can now apply the best available compression to your PDF's

  • Select a PDF File

    Please select a PDF file to proceed, File size is limited to 30 MB per file. This is done in order to provide an uninterrupted service to all our users.

  • Please Select any one Option at a Time

    So here is how it work's, You can select one Compression option at a time, on a scale of 1 to 10.

    This is done to prevent conflicting operations on a PDF and to bring down all the operations related to security under one hood.

  • Click On Upload and Enhance

    Once you are done with the options you need to apply on your PDF select "Upload and Enhance" and we will redirect you to another page where you can download your enhanced PDF or you can perform more such operations.

  • What Happens To My Data?

    This is where it get exciting! As soon as you close the browser window and the session ends we have a Session Listener in place that deletes all the files uploaded/processed throughout the life of your current session. Exciting?

    Rest assured your data will not be persisted on our Servers