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We ran several spins and applied several betting algorithms as follows. Here is the result..


We compared Double Street Martingale - Strict i.e. without Flip to double Street Martingale with Flip , Let's call them DSM and DSM-F, Over 80 Test runs limited to 40 max spins each run We found that:

DSM-F gave larger peak returns as compared to DSM 30 times out of 80 but the average peak difference was just 850$ per run for these 35 runs.
DSM gave larger peak returns than DSM-F 22 times out of 80 but the average peak balance difference was 1000$ between DSM and DSM-F
DSM-F and DSM gave exact same peak return 28 times out of 80
Almost both Algo's lost everything when played for the entire 40 spins 60% of the time and for the remaining 40% ended up lower than the peak
DSM gave 15% or more profit 57 times
DSM-F gave 15% or more profit 61 times

Verdict: DSM-F gave higher returns more times and is more stable as compared to DSM without Flip, DSM on the other hand had much higher peak balances / bank roll whenever it performed better than DSM-F. I would use DSM-F s it not only gave higher returns and returns where I could make 15% profit more times, but also takes into considers the entire range of numbers. Right now DSM-F flips the range from 1-30 to 7-36 and back only after 4 straight wins, there is room for improvement there when let's say you loose more frequently than you win but martingale's double bets will drain your bank roll well before you realize and you won't have any time to flip on a loosing streak.

Disclaimer: Gambling is bad for your finances and life , and even the slightest touch of it can cause an addiction, This page does not intend to promote gambling in any way. This is just an analysis of all the popular algorithms and ass you can see by changing the number of spins to 400 you almost always end up loosing all your money no matter what.

Hybrid Color Strategy: In the strategy above as soon as you see 7 consecutive Red or 7 consecutive black you bet 50 on the opposite color, Why 7 ? why not 4 or 5 ? We ran multiple simulations and 6 or 7 Reds are more common than you think, This is known as gamblers fallacy . but there is also a concept called wait time which states that in a limited sequence of 20 spins the wait time for the sequence RRRR is higher than the wait time of sequence RRRB , so basically if on average it takes 10 spins to hit RRRB it takes 20 spins to hit RRRR. That being said the probability of hitting R after RRR is same as probability of hitting B after RRR.
This is the only strategy in all of the above that always completes ALL the 1000 or 2000 Spins without loss and always end up in profit.